Commence Yoga

Yoga is the Ying, to CrossFit’s Yang.

We believe yoga brings more to the marriage with CrossFit than just recovery and stretching.  It delivers a holistic perspective of fitness; teaching body awareness, breathing, balance and flexibility.

By working hot Yoga into your routine, you will acheive better physical and mental harmony.


We are proud to be offering a couple different styles of hot Yoga:

Power Yoga – Power Yoga takes the athleticism of Ashtanga, including lots of vinyasas, but gives each teacher the flexibility to teach any poses in any order, making every class different. With its emphasis on strength and flexibility, power yoga is designed to give you a great workout while also increasing your mobility.

VariYoga™ – Developed right here in Fayetteville. According to the Arkansas Yoga Center website, VariYoga is a dynamic practice that recognizes ‘one size does not fit all’ and can be modified to meet the needs of the individual. The breath is used to link poses and sequences which range from gentle to vigorous, depending on individual ability.

Class Times

**Schedule subject to change so please check our Schedule for any variations.**

Other Important Stuff

  • Bring your own yoga mat & towel. We will have some blocks and straps, but if you have any other special yoga equipment needs, please let us know.
  • All classes are about 60 minutes.
  • We did our best to insulate the yoga room from sound, however, music and barbell noise will likely be a part of the yoga sessions unless you choose a class time that doesn’t run in parallel.
  • We offer “Yoga Only” memberships for $59/month per individual.


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