#athletespotlight today are these two beauties: @mamakelly and @borderlinecountrygirl ! Kelly and Aubrey are close friends that not only encourage and support each other but laugh together and have fun too! Look at these beautiful smiles because whether it’s before or after a brutal workout that’s exactly how you’ll find them..smiling! . . . Kelly: “After months of coaxing, my husband finally convinced me to try a class at Commence. I admit that I was completely terrified and intimidated when I showed up. Slowly but surely, I moved from working with a PVC pipe to using a barbell loaded with weights. Over the course of the last two years, I've gained skills and confidence and stress relief.” . . “Commence has become my happy place, and it has also introduced me to some of my favorite people. My girl Aubrey is the best workout partner a gal could ask for and also has a knack for finding the world's best Crossfit memes and Beth is always there to welcome me to Crossfit and challenge me to row harder or pick that bar up faster than I really want to. The list goes on, but to put it in a nutshell, there's just no other way I'd rather start my day than by laughing and suffering through a brutal workout with the rockstar 8:15 crew.” . . Aubrey: “After years of doing boot camp style work outs and becoming stagnant, my husband encouraged me to try Crossfit in January last year. I was so intimidated, but was sold after that first work out. Like everyone at Commence I wear a lot of hats - wife, mom of three, grad school, and work - and Crossfit gives me the fuel I need to do all that. The amazing Commence coaches give me the skills, confidence, and knowledge to really push myself further!” . . “For me, Crossfit is about mental toughness, grit, work capacity and camaraderie – all things that I miss from my Navy days! And all of those things translate into success in other aspects of life! And what isn’t more fun with friends?! Kelly is an awesome work out and accountability partner and the 8:15 crew is top notch!” . . “I'm so glad Commence was the first place I tried when I moved to Fayetteville last fall it has the perfect collection of coaches that compliment one another!”

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Strength & Conditioning


Minute 1: 3 Reps @ 70%
Minute 2: 2 Reps @ 75%
Minute 3: 1 Rep @ 80%
Minute 4: Rest
Repeat 2 more times


“Turn and Burn”
2 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
30 Thrusters (65/45)

Fitness: 45/35

Sub for run: 500 Meter Row or 28/20 Calorie Assault Bike


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