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If you’re interested in getting a more personalized exercise routine that specifically works to achieve your goals, we have additional options for you.  Sign up for some one-on-one training with one of our certified and experienced personal trainers!  Your health and achieving a “next level” state of fitness is our priority, and sometimes that means we need to fine-tune your regimen in order for your specific plan to be executed.

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Before I began CrossFit I was a fad dieter and ran an obnoxious amount of miles just to “stay active” and keep from gaining more weight.  I was extremely unhealthy and my relationship with exercise and food was…

Shaina Hayutin

Fitness has completely changed my life for the better. I didn’t grow up playing sports or viewing myself as an athlete. It wasn’t until I went to college that I truly discovered how living a healthy, balanced, and active…

Ashley McFadin

I competed for the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program for 10 years at the Williams Center as a level 8 gymnast. I am a 5 time regional qualifier and have multiple 1st and 2nd regional placements…

Jake Sandoval

After I began CrossFit, I quickly became infatuated with CrossFit’s methodology and more specifically, its athletes. This led me to where I am today. I am constantly seeking knowledge about our body, and how…

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Personal Coaching rates:

One on One

Starts at $50 per 45 minute session

two on One (couples)

Starts at $45 per person per 45 minute session

small group (3-5 people)

Starts at $40 per person per 45 minute session

Purchase of our initial evaluation package (2 classes) is required prior to starting any program

The purchase of 12 sessions up-front will earn you 1 free session

Answers to your questions:

Do I have to be a Crossfit Commence member to sign-up for Personal Coaching?


Are personal coaching sessions limited to crossfit related exercises?

No.  Our Personal Trainers will create customized programs for your unique needs and goals.

is there a limit to how many sessions i can purchase at a time?

No.  However, you must purchase the Initial Session Pack (2 sessions) to begin.

do my sessions expire?

Yes.  6 months after the date of purchase.

can i purchase sessions in smaller time increments?

No.  45 mins is the minimum.  However, 90 min sessions are possible upon request.

if i have been working with a trainer, can i complete additional fitness assessments at any time?

Yes.  You may choose to utilize one of your training sessions to complete a fitness assessment at any time.  You must give your personal trainer at least 24 hours advanced notice.

can i get a refund for sessions i do not end up using?

No.  All sessoins must be used within 6 months of the date of purchase.  Sessions may not be refunded or transferred.

can i reschedule a session with my personal trainer?

Yes.  You must give at least 12 hours notice.  Emergencies do not apply.


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